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Launched in 2020, I was inspired and motivated to start this blog site because I wanted to share my knowledge and help my colleagues, friends, and family learn more about Cybersecurity. I also wanted to support organizations that are looking to build a security culture and improve their security posture. Most importantly, I believe that everyone should be good stewards of Cybersecurity, and this will also allow me to increase my knowledge as I get feedback from the cybersecurity community. With that, I’m passionate about contributing to the cybersecurity profession, and I’m looking forward to hearing back from my readers. Please join me on this journey as we learn together.

Currently, I’m a Cybersecurity Manager for IBM, where my role is to lead, orchestrate, and identify security solutions for our clients. I bring years of practitioner experience to organizations looking to strengthen their security posture through proactive innovation. Before my Cybersecurity role at IBM, I’ve focused on other multiple security domains, such as Business Continuity, Network Security, Vulnerability Management, Digital Forensics, Information Security, Security Engineering, Endpoint Security, and Cloud. My education includes an MBA in Information Security, CISSP, CCSP, CBCP, and other security accolades. These achievements are a few of the building blocks that created the success and the momentum that has propelled my professional career. I am also an active member of ISC2 and DRI International organizations.

I’m actively involved in mentoring. I spend quality time sharing my professional and life experiences in helping individuals develop their skills, achieve competencies, and meet personal goals. I live in Georgia, where I pride myself on spending as much time as possible with my loving family, wife, and children.

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